Jewellery from Alliance Marketing was the outcome of a part time interest in jewellery over 10 years ago when co-founders David and Adrienne Warner came across some very different gemstone jewellery. We were very lucky to be put in touch with some incredible suppliers in Toronto and around the world and set off on our new venture.   Concentrating on mainly silver and gemstones at that time we started to look for venues and to this day now set up a daily “pop up” store in many hospitals and large office buildings in and around the GTA.

Most of the jewellery today is Italian gold, silver and vermeil, diamonds, gemstones and cz but about five years ago Inch of Gold and Silver were added to the product line.   Although this is costume jewellery it comes with a lifetime guarantee against discolouration etc and has been very successful.

We continue to offer the best service and products to our longstanding and new customers now and in the future.